Angel Harry

Hello again.

How are you?

Some of you might have noticed how quiet my art got in this fandom. To be honest, I haven't got time to keep very much involved. I started to work on a website together with some friends and it's going slow. I also started a myspace for my more 'serious' art: my paintings and drawings.

I still have to find out how to do the html coding to get a neutral white background and a simple look. It's a mess at the moment, but I'll update with recent art (I still have lots of works to photograph) and you're all invited to see what I'm painting.

Why myspace? Because lots of people I find interesting are there too, and I like to keep a close eye on some of them and at the same time introduce my work as a painter.

My life is still too busy to enjoy a quiet moment for fan art, but I didn't say goodbye. I'll keep reading the books and I keep working on my big plans for fanart.

I hope you're all well and enjoying the fandom.

Much love,